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Payment options given by Personal Injury Lawyers.

Every personal injury lawyer has a price. An experienced personal injury lawyer has more ability to build your case, negotiate it with an insurance company and if necessary, to take it to trial. He knows that he is often able to recover more damage claims for his clients than a personal injury attorney with lesser skills and therefore demands a higher fee.

A personal injury lawyer who specializes in specific personal injury cases such as medical malpractices, defamation, assault and battery, wrongful deaths, and automobile accidents is more adept in his field. So the fee charged by a personal injury lawyer depends on various factors .The primary ones being:-

 Experience of a  personal injury lawyer
 Time spent on the case
 Energy spent on the case 
 The costs associated with the case
 Difficulty with the claim
 The state in which the lawyer  is practising

Standard payment options offered by personal injury lawyers to their clients are:-

Contingency fee

 It is the calculated percentage of the recovered claim won by the client which is taken by the personal injury lawyer. It is a conditional fee. If the personal injury lawyer looses he does not get payment for his services. It is a "no win, no fee" criteria. It is "key" to the jury system for most Americans.

Mostly personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis and it varies from lawyer to lawyer and state to state .In most states, the personal injury attorney fee is one third or 40% of the personal injury recovered claim. Personal injury attorney fee for worker's compensation is usually lower than the regular personal injury matters. Solo practitioners are also more willing to take a lesser percentage from their client. Courts have set limit on the contingency fee of personal injury lawyers. In most cases it should not exceed one third of the settlement. Florida had passed a law limiting contingent fees of personal injury lawyers in medical malpractices.

Hourly rates

 This is also a common payment option of personal injury lawyers. They charge according to the number of hours they work on their client's case. Hourly rates may vary from $50 an hour to $ 1000 an hour. These rates depend on personal injury attorney's experience, operating costs and the location of his practice. In major metropolitan cities, like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago average hourly rates of personal injury lawyers is $ 200 to $ 400, whereas, in smaller towns the average hourly rates is between $100 to $200.

Retainer fee

 A retainer fee agreement is also referred to as short fee agreement. It is an advance payment   made to the personal injury lawyer.

Pro Bono

 It is a Latin word which stands for "public good". Personal injury lawyers are recommended under American Bar Association (ABA) to do fifty hours of pro bono work.

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Articles about Personal Injury Law

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Useful Tips
What compensation can I seek for a swimming accident?
A good personal injury lawyer will tell you If a Swimming accidents occurs in navagable water, it attracts admiralty maritime law, however if a swimming accident occurs in a swimming pool it attracts the States negligence law. The the case of a swimming accident, one can seek General damages which are a direct result of the accident (such as suffering due to the injury) and special damages, which could be a compensation for lost income during the period of injury. The swimming pool owner can held liable for causing the accident if adequate precautions were not taken to make the pool safe for swimming. The liability of the swimming pool owner varios from state to state. If you intend to file a claim for damages or compensation, we suggest you to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

What should you do in a slip and fall accident?
A good personal injury lawyer will tell you that since slip and fall accidents are very hard to prove in court, it will be to your advantage to collect as much evidence as possible on the scene of the accident. If there are any witnesses, it will be a good idea to gather their personal information, also ensure that the establishemnt makes an official recording of the accident in a site report or daily register. If you can take photos of the scene, it will also greatly help. Speaking to a responsible person in the orgranization about the accident and asking them to take an official note of it can be very helpful. If you intend to file a claim for damages or compensation, we suggest you to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

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