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The basics of Auto Accident law of USA.

Every year, more than 6.5 million motor vehicle accidents are reported in the United States. These accidents cause nearly 230 billion dollars in damage and kill more than 40,000 people every year. In cases that involve significant property damage or personal injury it is very valuable to seek the advice of an attorney specializing in motor vehicle accident litigation.

Automobile accidents are the most common type of personal injury cases filed in the US courts. A specialized car accident attorney will be able to assess how much compensation you deserve and will have the experience to successfully negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies.

Taking the right action in the immediate aftermath of the accident can make a huge difference in the outcome of the case. Unless you are seriously injured, you should not leave the immediate scene of the accident until you have been cleared to do so by a police officer. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a criminal offense.

At the scene of the accident, you should acquire as much relevant information as you can. Make sure that you get the name, contact information, vehicle registration information and insurance information for all involved parties. If there are witnesses, get their contact information. Take photographs of the accident scene and make sure to get images of any vehicular damage from several angles. The more information you can provide, the better guidance you will receive from an attorney experienced in automotive accident law.

You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. When contacting the insurance agent, understand your rights and obligations. In this first contact, your goal is to present the facts as accurately as possible. Do not misrepresent the facts or give false information; doing so would constitute fraud and would be grounds for rejection of your claim and could result in criminal charges. Do not admit fault or agree to any settlement or sign any statement until you fully understand your options and seek the advice of an automobile accident attorney.

The insurance company's goal is to get you to settle for as little money as possible. You should not accept an insurance agent's estimate of the damages as the final word. An experienced attorney, who has handled many motor vehicle accident cases, can help you establish the real value of your losses as a result of the accident. You are entitled to a compensation for a wide range of injuries suffered during an accident. These include, medical expenses, loss of wages, loss of quality of life, pain and suffering and property damage. Only when you know how much you have lost are you in a position to negotiate a fair settlement.

Even if you do not think that you have been injured, it is a good idea to be examined by a medical professional after an accident. You may not experience any symptoms from an injury for several days or even weeks after an accident. The sooner these injuries can be discovered and treated the better chance you will have of recovering fully. Furthermore, a doctor's examination can help you prove that the car accident was the actual cause of an accident. The sooner you can see a doctor, the better. Remember to save a record of all the medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

After a traumatic event such as a car accident, nobody wants a lengthy legal battle. Insurance companies exploit this fact to underpay legitimate claims. A skilled motor vehicle accident lawyer can ensure that you get what you deserve by informing you of your rights and standing up to the insurance companies. No amount of money can make up for the pain and stress of a serious car accident, but receiving fair compensation can help you put your life back on track.

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Articles about Personal Injury Law

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What compensation can I seek for a swimming accident?
A good personal injury lawyer will tell you If a Swimming accidents occurs in navagable water, it attracts admiralty maritime law, however if a swimming accident occurs in a swimming pool it attracts the States negligence law. The the case of a swimming accident, one can seek General damages which are a direct result of the accident (such as suffering due to the injury) and special damages, which could be a compensation for lost income during the period of injury. The swimming pool owner can held liable for causing the accident if adequate precautions were not taken to make the pool safe for swimming. The liability of the swimming pool owner varios from state to state. If you intend to file a claim for damages or compensation, we suggest you to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

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